A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Travel through multiple levels of enemies, snow, and other obstacles as you learn about Parker’s life and journey to recovery.

Meet Parker and Turnip. Parker is a college Freshman struggling with an eating disorder. Turnip is Parker’s service animal who defends them from evil!

Many people in the gaming industry are not aware of the symptoms and prevalence of mental illness. As a result, it often goes unnoticed or misappropriated. We believe that the gaming community will benefit from our platform through telling a story about mental illness. In our own experiences, we haven’t felt that the gaming industry has been an inclusive space. Our solution is to create a video game that tells a story about mental health through the lens of games and gaming.  Users will be informed about important aspects of mental illness while enjoying an entertaining game.

Informatics Capstone 2019

University of Washington 

Arden Weaver, Sean Meharry, Selene Wartell, Kyle Simpson



Turnip.app 77 MB
Turnip.zip 76 MB

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